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Table Artists: Fete Home

Audrey Margarite and Jen Potter, co-founders of Connecticut–based tabletop and accessories company, Fete Home, worked together for more a decade in the interior design arena before deciding to team up together in 2018. “Jen and I wanted to collaborate on a line of tabletop and decorative accessories that was approachable and easy,” explains Margarite, who met Potter while working at Bunny Williams Home. “From the get-go, we wanted the Fete Home offering to be things that work in any style home, go well with what you might already own, and be things that you’ll reach for and use every day.” 

The party-perfecting duo—now busy planning the launch of a trunk show in different cities throughout the country to enable customers a chance to interact with the goods up-close—clues us in on how they settled on a company name, and their top five picks for any occasion.

A tablescape with goods from Fete Home. Photo by Chris West Photography.
Tell us about the name?

AM: “We chose the name Fete Home because we want everyone to celebrate their homes. And for us, that doesn’t mean throwing a huge party (though those are fun too!), it means using a tablecloth to celebrate everyday dinner as a family, movie night together under a cozy throw, and swapping out ho-hum sofa pillows with ones that make you smile.”

JP: “Audrey and I sat in a room for hours repeating words until they had no meaning. Coming up with phrases that didn’t quite fit and both going cross eyed in the process. We love the last touches one puts into a home that give it personality and spark. These are the things that celebrate life in the home, and finally we came across ‘fete’ (French for party) and it all clicked.”

Master the art of the at-home gathering with items from Fete Home. Photo by Chris West Photography.
Where are the items sourced?

AM: “Quality is so important to us, so we source items where we know they are made best. India does beautiful block prints, so we make our fabrics there. The Philippines is great with natural materials, so we make our woven placemats there.”

JP: “We have two main partners in India and in the Philippines who employ artisans that produce goods in small batches with high quality. We also work with many artisans in the U.S. that produce made up goods from our textiles. We liken our production to slow fashion, taking into consideration high quality to allow our customers to keep our products for years to come.”

Job aspect you love most?

AM: “My favorite days are when Jen and I are setting a table together. We’ll usually have a general idea, but we always add to or edit on the fly. It’s so special to see how it comes together. And, I love how our products all work so well together. You really can’t go wrong.”

JP: “We are a small, organic business. We send our customers handwritten notes, we do victory dances over return customers and we value real interactions with all of our supporters who have gotten us to where we are. There are supreme challenges to being an entrepreneurial junkie. You have no one to blame but yourself when things go wrong. But when things go right, there is nothing more satisfying and we are humbled by our victories time and time again.”

Margarite’s Top 5 Picks: 

Midcentury candlesticks in black or brass. They’re so chic.” Photo courtesy of Fete Home.

The Silvered Hurricane. The scale of this is amazing. On a console, a coffee table or your dining table, it makes such a statement.” Photo courtesy of Fete Home.

Ring Placemat in Red. A little pop of red is always a good idea.” Photo courtesy of Fete Home.

Block print linen napkin in Meraki Black. It’s my go-to for dinner every day. They wash really nicely.” Photo courtesy of Fete Home.

Sonder block linen placemat. The small geometric pattern on these placemats is subtle and very modern.” Photo courtesy of Fete Home.

Potter’s Top 5 Picks: 

Looped placemat in pink. “I can’t help but be happy when I see these on a table and they work with everything.” Photo courtesy of Fete Home.

Talisman tablecloth in navy. For all the blue-and-white obsessed [and there are a lot of us], this tablecloth is beyond satisfying.” Photo by Chris West Photography.

“This oversized Leaf plate, shaped like a Ginko leaf, is so sophisticated.” Photo courtesy of Fete Home.

Silvered candlesticks. “The varying heights create a magical display of light and reflection and the mercury glass effect is mesmerizing.” Photo courtesy of Fete Home.

Pomegranates. These are charming little additions to tablescapes or bookshelves. I use them as bud vases or lean a place card up against them. They are fun and festive.” Photo courtesy of Fete Home.

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