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Moving Day Essentials: A Checklist to Make Your Move a Success

Moving into a new residence is an arduous task. From planning to packing to moving in and getting settled, the to-do list for moving day is long. That’s why it’s important to get your ducks in a row early—and what better way to do that than with the ultimate moving checklist? Here’s our go-to list of essential moving day tips to make switching up your space a little less daunting.  

Planning Ahead

  • Set your move date
  • Research moving companies or truck rentals and secure the services you’ll need
  • Arrange work and childcare schedules to accommodate moving day
  • Make arrangements for your pet(s) so they’re safely out of the way on moving day
  • Take pictures and measurements at your new residence for furniture placement and design planning
  • Let your neighbors know about your move
Photo by Erda Estremera via Unsplash

Declutter, Organize, and Pack

  • Donate and dispose of items you no longer need—your local Buy Nothing group on Facebook is a great resource for this!
  • Organize items into categories before packing. We like to pack boxes by room and label them accordingly for easy unpacking!
  • Gather moving supplies like boxes, tape, newspaper, bubble wrap, and scissors
  • Start by packing your nonessential items, like out-of-season clothing, special occasion serveware, etc

Change Address and Notify Utilities

  • Submit a change address form with the United States Postal Service
  • Update the address on file for your bank, credit card, health plans, and insurance companies
  • Update your address for any monthly subscriptions
  • If possible, transfer utilities (electricity, water, gas, and internet) from your current residence to your new one
  • Notify loved ones and neighbors of your new address
  • Consider asking a trusted neighbor to collect any mail that might still come to your current residence post-move
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Prep for Moving Day

  • Schedule cleaning services for move-out day, or deep clean each room as you pack
  • Pack one box with the essentials you’ll need on moving day in your new space—think toilet paper, paper towels, sponges, cleaning spray, bottled water, snacks, and pet food
  • Make a plan for meals on moving day and the day after

Moving Day

  • Keep a list of important phone numbers you might need if there’s a question on moving day (movers, new landlord, homeowner’s association contact, etc)
  • Supervise movers and provide instructions on where boxes and furniture should be placed
  • Secure valuables, medications, and important documents and keep them with you on move-in day
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  • Unpack the essentials first,starting in the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom
  • Recycle or give away moving boxes (again, your local Buy Nothing group can come in handy here!)
  • Update your driver’s license and vehicle registration

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