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12 Beach-Inspired Photos for National Photography Day

In honor of National Photography Day tomorrow, take your pick from a dozen ocean-inspired prints from Driftward photographers depicting Floridian seascapes, Italian beaches, and flamingos in Aruba. 

Boards in Competition” by Richard Podgurski Jr. 

This Los Angeles-based photographer captured the scene before Hermosa Beach’s annual Ironman event, a local twist on the competitive athletic competition. 

Aussie Tropics” by Merr Watson 

Watson shot this at famed Clifton Beach in Cairns, Queensland.

Flamingo Beach” by Corey Wilson

A flock of flamingos shot on location at the Renaissance Hotel in Aruba. 

Puerto Vallarta Beach” by Kyle Huber 

This was taken at Dead Man’s Beach following morning rain. 

Gulf Coast Local” by Wesley and Emma Teague 

A Great Blue Heron wanders on one of Florida’s protected National Seashores. 

Solo Beach Walks by Seth Willingham

Willingham snapped this photo in Laguna Beach. 

Florida Boardwalkin’” by Wesley and Emma Teague. 

A wooden boardwalk along undulating sand dunes in Pensacola, Florida.

Manhattan Desert” by Richard Podgurski Jr. 

An empty, desert-like scene in Manhattan Beach.

Marina Grand Amalfi” by Henrike Schenk

The popular Marina Grande Beach on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. 

Shore of Tulum” by Pierson X 

A quiet beach in Tulum, Mexico. 

Soul Surfer” by Seth Willingham 

The cameraman climbed 174 stairs for this photo with the best vantage point of Dana Point. 

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