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Earthy and Organic: ÉLan Byrd Rug + Pillow Collection for Lulu and Georgia

Ask almost any interior design expert for easy ways to instantly transform a room on any budget, and undoubtedly the answer will involve two key accessories: pillows and rugs. Today, Miami–based textile designer and artist Élan Byrd unveils her new exclusive rug and pillow collection with Lulu and Georgia with eight designs made of natural fibers consisting of five rugs and three pillows. Inspired by organic silhouettes and hues in nature, ancient textiles, and architecture, the pieces (ranging in price from $98 to $3,998) developed organically from artwork Byrd created last year using two of her favorite patterns as a starting point. “I wanted to develop a collection that looked back into the journey of the traveled path of our ancestors and combine that with the ancient dwellings in which they built along the way,” explains Byrd. “I designed patterns that were influenced by the shapes and symbols found throughout that architecture, and in contrast also celebrated the organic lines and textures found in those natural environments that surrounds them. I imagine these rugs and pillows living in an environment that also pays homage to design features of the past while mixing in elements of modern day, all of which adds character.”

Textile designer Élan Byrd with her new collection for Lulu and Georgia
Textile designer Élan Byrd with her new collection for Lulu and Georgia
Rugs from Élan Byrd's new collection
Rugs from Élan Byrd’s new collection

Awash in warm and cool neutrals with a bolder hue of olive, the earthy designs are based on Byrd’s own palette preference. “These are the colors that I naturally gravitate towards in my work,” she says. “They were also drawn directly from the surrounding landscapes and natural materials of the ancient architecture found throughout my inspiration.”

Élan Byrd pillows
The “Canyon” lumbar pillow | Entire pillow collection by Élan Byrd for Lulu and Georgia | The “Stonewalk” pillow

For the “Earth Maze” rug, Byrd created her interpretation of an ancient labyrinth and maze. “This is my favorite and most meaningful piece of the collection,” she admits. “The broken lines or breaks within the pattern, symbolize the pauses, stops, and starts that happen in one’s life, which ends up making the path we take uniquely our own. I felt that this design could be a marker of time, yet a relatable reflection on how something beautiful could come out of the major pause of 2020.”

The "Terra" rug
The “Terra” rug
The "Adobe" rug
The “Adobe” rug

But, Byrd also intended for the diverse patterns to be integrated and translated into any space from graphic to subtle. “What I love most is the pattern play within the collection,” she says. “I wanted to create a collection that gives an alternative to the notion that neutral is boring and bland. I intentionally designed a variety of unique patterns that ranged from the bold and dramatic like the “Terra” rug, to a more delicate nuance pattern like the “Nomad” rug. Whether someone is looking for a rug to make a statement, or for a pillow that’s more subdued, this collection allows for people to feel inspired and comfortable to mix pattern, textures, and ensure there’s something for everyone.”

The "Earth Maze" rug
The “Earth Maze” rug

The "Nomad" rug
The “Nomad” rug

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