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How to Stay at Whisper Rock Ranch in Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree is a desert treasure, covering a whole span of 789,745 acres accompanied by famous prickly Joshua Trees and massive rock formations; it is the perfect place to unwind.

It is no secret that the desert has become an LA escape and is slowly changing to a hipster oasis. It has an allure and a refreshing sensibility about it that we’ve only found in a few places. There is something about the Whisper Rock Ranch that gave us an immediate home-away-from-home feel that we loved and knew we needed to experience for ourselves.

Just a quick two hour drive and 15 minute ride down an isolate dirt road we arrived to the adorable home nestled in the middle of the desert. The home had everything we aspired our future @SHLTR ranch to have, from its quirky design details and open air concept to the above ground pool combined with a heated jacuzzi.

Something about this tiny home on such a large property had such a serene charm that we adored. Immediately, as soon as we arrived we opened all of the doors and windows and jumped into the pool. The backyard is the ultimate outdoor chill zone featuring a grill, pool, lounge chairs, a large daybed, and the sounds of silence other than the little wind chime.

The Whisper Rock Ranch is the ideal romantic getaway because of its privacy and 360-degree view of the property. The home features a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living area, and an outdoor wooden deck that wraps around space. Each room has an eclectic design from fun wallpaper to unique little Joshua Tree treasures scattered throughout the home. The furniture and decor offer midcentury modern, Native American, and Bohemian elements. We really enjoyed the open space floorpan. From every room of the house we were able to relax to the warm cotton candy sunset with sounds of Bon Iver playing off of the ranch record player.

At night, we unwound with a glass of wine while watching an old movie off of the projector screen. During nightfall, it becomes all them more magical as the pool lights up from the moon and bright stars. We unfortunately did not take advantage of the telescope but if we did, I know the majority of our night would’ve been spent stargazing.

We highly recommend to fulfill your desert dreams at the Whisper Rock Ranch with your friends or family. This little ranch placed in the middle of untouched wilderness offers everything from peaceful serenity to SHLTR-worthy, jaw dropping designs.

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