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C-House: Modern Architecture in the Desert

Carleigh Craparo and I had a chance to visit the C-House, the latest property from the team over at Somewhere Joshua Tree. The C-House is the latest addition to their gorgeous collection of rental properties. The team at Somewhere has set design supremacy as the core competitiveness of the company, and the C-House delivers the same design & architectural quality as the rest of the homes in their collection.

The outdoor pool and spa area of the C-House is where we found ourselves spending the most time, enjoying the tranquility the desert offers. We enjoyed the fact that the C-House was situated in a residential area, close to downtown Joshua Tree. This made getting groceries easy, and during non-quarantine times it would also make it convenient to get to the charming shops and restaurants in the town. However, even though it’s in a residential area, the property still feels secluded, offering the best of both worlds.

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