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7 Ways to a Cleaner Home With Dogs

Any dog owner knows that pooches are part of the family too. They make home a better place with their unconditional love and affection. Despite their special status, they are major contributors to dust and dirt in the home. Here are some strategies for making life with dogs a little cleaner. 

  1. Doggy Mudroom: If you have the space to spare, create a station by the door where you can clean off dirty paws and contain some of the muck in one place. Store scrap or reused hand towels in a basket.
  2. Good Vacuum: A good vacuum is important for cleaning up after your dog if you have carpeted spaces. But so is one that can get into corners and on stairs. A handheld shop vacuum is great because it sucks everything up including clumps of fir and gravel stuck in puppy’s paws. 
  3. Good Grooming: Washing and grooming your dog will cut down on dirt, dander and fur messes. But just how often you wash your dog depends on its activity level, size and type of coat. It’s a good idea to check with your veterinarian on how often you should bathe your dog. For most dogs, the average recommendation is every four to six weeks. Regular weekly brushing to remove loose hair is recommended for most dogs.
  4. Wash Rugs Often: Investing in washable rugs, especially near entries can help you keep your house cleaner.
  5. Washable Dog Blankets: If your pooch is allowed on the furniture, line your pieces with throw blankets you can toss in the wash regularly. Instead of dog beds, look for upholstered dog pads that can seamlessly lay on your furniture.  
  6. Candles, Essential Oils and Incense: Let’s face it, even the most groomed and cared for dogs give off unpleasant odor. You may not notice it because you live with your dog, but visitors can. Essential oils, incense and candles to the rescue! Just look for products with clean and natural ingredients for everyone’s health. 
  7. Acceptance. Wet noses on windows is part of the deal! Think of wiping down windows the same way you think about loading and unloading the dishwasher. It needs daily attention. 

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