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Styling and Using Accessories With Fig+Nash

Mick Fox and Dino Raimondi, co-founders of full-service interior design studio Fig+Nash in Palm Springs and Palm Desert, let us in on the basics of accessorizing—from symmetry and balance to experimenting with height and scale—and tell us about their journey and retail business with a newly opened second outpost in Palm Desert. 

Mick Fox, Dino Raimondi and Managing Designer Gabriela Helesicova of Fig+Nash
Mick Fox, Dino Raimondi and Managing Designer Gabriela Helesicova of Fig+Nash
Tell us about Fig+Nash and why you opened? 

DR: “When we opened our first location in Palm Springs in 2016, we wanted a brick- and-mortar presence to showcase boutique brands that we loved as well as the larger more established yet highly artisanal brands that we tend to specify in our design projects. Many of the smaller boutique lines had never been available in the area, we were able to introduce them to this very receptive demographic. We also used that space as our interior design studio, and over time both the retail and interior design business grew exponentially, so we decided to open a second, larger retail space/design studio on El Paseo in Palm Desert which is our new design stage. We plan to change out window vignettes seasonally offering fresh glimpses at new pieces, colors, textures and ways to combine aesthetics—making style statements our retail customers can take home.”

Artfully layered pieces at Fig+Nash
Artfully layered pieces at Fig+Nash
Lighting, accessories, and furniture at Fig+Nash
Lighting, accessories, and furniture at Fig+Nash

Design rules for accessorizing? 

Tell a story

Tell a story with your accessories. Something as simple as placing an orchid, a candle, and a small figurine together on an end table can tell a story about a vacation to a faraway destination.

An example of a vignette created by Fig+Nash with height, scale, and texture
Experiment With Textures

Play with different textures and stagger the height of items grouped together.

Go Green

Use plants and live greenery where possible. They add color, texture, visual interest and are healthy additions especially to an indoor environment.

Maintain Balance

To accessorize a bookcase, think symmetry and balance and allow for negative space.

Consider symmetry and balance when designing a bookcase.
Your top sources?

Assouline books

“Yes, we consider books accessories,” says Mick Fox.
Favorite in-store picks?

The Lito Paperweight from L’Objet.

“It’s exotic and timeless and blue,” says Fox. “It’s the perfect statement piece for the right person.” 

L’objet’s Lito paperweight
White Marble Buddha 

“It can read contemporary, traditional, or Far Eastern,” says Fox. “In other words, it can work with so many different aesthetics. It also has a very calming effect.”

White Marble Buddhas
White Marble Buddhas

The Mood by Christofle 

“It’s entirely modern, and became instantly iconic as soon as French luxury brand Christofle introduced it,” explains Fox. “The egg-shaped storage capsule is made of mirror-polished steel with a walnut interior, shaking up the art of entertaining with this new concept that reflects the current zeitgeist.”

Mood by Christofle

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