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Translating Classical Artist Looks in Your Home

Meet the impressionists, secessionists and Bauhaus artists of the 20th century. They are soft and beautiful, bold and abstract, classic and timeless. Here are some ways to bring their look and feel into your home. 


Monet, Degas and Renoir are just a few artists from the late 1800s that represent the influential impressionist art movement. Thin, small brush strokes characterized this style of art that some describe as shapeless or unblended. It created an illusion of depth and movement. 

How to bring it home: Add some impressionist love from Monet with a huge water lily rug. Add accessories like a shower curtain with a Degas print or a kitchen platter emblazoned with a Renoir reproduction. 


Gustav Klimt, Josef Hoffman, Koloman Moser and Otto Wagner were prominent artists of the Vienna secession movement. This was a time when architects and visual artists rejected historical visual culture and embraced modern geometry and abstraction. The Art Nouveau movement was closely associated with the secessionists.

How to bring it home: Choose your favorite secessionist artist and draw inspiration from there. A large print from Klimt would shine bright atop a clean lined mid century solid sideboard. Or choose a beautiful Art Nouveau wallpaper that draws from the clean lines and repetitive motifs of Koloman Moser’s artwork. 

Bauhaus Movement

The Bauhaus movement included a considerable group of artists across different mediums. The movement began in the Bauhaus design school, whose influence blended art, society and technology. Notable artists include Paul Klee, Wasilly Kandinsky, and Marcel Breuer.  

How to bring it home: Mid-Century designers were heavily influenced by the Bauhaus artist movement, so this style is easy to bring home with the abundant mid-mod furniture options these days. Reproductions and knock offs of Wassily and Breuer chairs are everywhere. Try a Bauhaus dining room set up sourcing a lookalike Cesca chair from the flea market, an ultra graphic rug (Google Bauhaus rugs) and a simple solid oak trestle table.

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