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Taking Flight: Colette Miller’s Wings Installation at Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills

If you’ve spotted life-size pairs of painted wings around the streets of Los Angeles or throughout the globe, it’s not merely coincidence. Thanks to visual artist Colette Miller, founder of The Global Angel Wings Project, the wings are here to stay. And, now through June 13th, the artist, musician, and filmmaker has created an original pair of angel wings at the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills as part of a new Live Like an Angeleno experience through early December to celebrate the hotel’s newly revamped Culina Ristorante+Caffè, (merging former restaurants Culina and Vinoteca.) The new experience features original art installations and one-of-a-kind art-centric coffee cups. (Monthly donations to a local organization will be made through Culina Caffè’s new coffee program along with their coffee suppliers.) Following Miller’s exhibit is installations by actor and artist Billy Zane; resident Artistic Floral Designer Jeff Leatham; and visual artist Sharon Barnes.

Miller sat down with SHLTR to talk about the inspiration and palette for her installation; her pink coffee cups; and her Global Angel Wings Project now in countries including Cuba, Malaysia, Mexico, Australia, and Africa.

Colette Miller's wings installation
Colette Miller’s wings installation as part of the “Live Like an Angeleno” experience at The Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills
Why is this “Live Like an Angeleno” experience important to you?

Los Angeles is an eclectic sprawling microcosm of an American city in a setting of sun, palm trees, dreams and driving. I’m honored to partake in celebrating the opening of the refined Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills after the year of Covid-19. I’m very happy about the charming pink takeaway coffee cup with the wings and mission statement. I do other projects and paintings, but The Global Angel Wings Project was specifically created in the City of Angels in 2012. I started envisioning wings on the walls around Los Angeles. As I drove, I’d project them on the walls with my mind, wanting them to remind humanity of our higher natures, the potential divine in all of us. My first pair was installed one night in DTLA. I painted them on a corrugated steel wall [with friends looking out for police], as I was self-authorizing the mural. I had the concept to make them human-sized so people could put them on and interact with them. I think there was some zeitgeist momentum on the streets because people reacted spontaneously and immediately.

Pose with Miller’s wings at The Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills
What do you love most about your installation now that it’s complete?

We left the wall color, so now it’s part of the part of the architecture, the building, and the space without being too overbearing. It’s gentle.

What inspired the color palette for this piece?

I often use a lot of magentas at the “heart” of the wings, near the white curve or bone, but this pair has golds and greens. Often when I paint, I develop the direction and feel what is needed.

What do you hope is the viewer takeaway from your work? 

I hope visitors enjoy my other work like “Snow in Africa,” “Cheetah,” or “Alien on a Biplane,” but The Global Angel Wings is a classic in my portfolio and a global project. I have pieces in Dubai, Kenya, Cuba, Europe, and Asia. I hope the original intent and purpose behind The Global Angel Wings Project is appreciated and understood because that is what is most paramount about the idea.

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