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Santa Fe Chic: Easy Ways to Get the Look

Southwestern decor had its heyday in the ’80s and ’90s, but certain elements of this look, like classic cactus, never really went out of style. Santa Fe, Taos and other cities in the southwest have long been a mecca for artists and creators and those spaces have been adorned with beautiful colors and textures. Here are a few ways to bring that look into your home.  

Treasured Turquoise 

Like the iconic jewelry so prevalent in the Southwest, the color turquoise is a brilliant match for warm earth tones like terracotta, sienna, cedar and bone. Infuse this beautiful color by way of painted doors and window trim, kitchen cabinets and bookcases. Be strategic where you add turquoise—a little really does go a long way. 

Patterned Textiles

Textiles like wool blankets from Native American or New Mexican artists lend a “locals only” vibe to any space. A multicolored kilim rug on the floor or hung on the wall will infuse an instant New Mexican feel but won’t overtake minimal furnishings, especially those that are neutral and monochromatic in color scheme.  

Don’t Hide the Cowhides

Cowhides come in so many varieties. They look great layered on the floor with other rugs or simply hanging over a dining room table bench or a basic lounge chair that needs some love. Be creative with how you can sneak hides into the space. You can purchase hides as upholstery to recover dining room chairs, small foot stools or even throw pillows. 

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