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Outdoor Dining Ideas to Celebrate your Summer in Style

Hooray, it’s outdoor dining season and there are so many creative ways to make your outdoor dining experience special for friends and family. Switch on the twinkle lights, turn up the playlist, and have some fun. Spruce up your outdoor dining game with these fun ideas.

Alfresco Style

Eating outside under the stars and trees is a really special way to enjoy the summer season. Dining tables don’t have to live on decks or patios. Move your dining table and chairs onto the lawn or a nook under a tree. A vintage tufted loveseat or bench adds a whimsical touch. A table decorated with loads of fresh flowers, jars of breadsticks and beautiful lemons summons an Italian vibe. 


Star spangled style looks great outdoors and there are tons of modern ways to achieve this look. Set a table with mismatched chairs, vintage plates and mason jars. Repurpose bandanas as cloth napkins and fill a simple vase with hand cut wildflowers. Throw a wool striped camp blanket over a bench and you’ve gone Americana all the way. 

Picnic Style

No dining table? No problem. Set a picnic up in the front, side or back yard of your space. Get creative with items you already have. Throw down an outdoor rug on the gravel or in the grass as home base for your dining area. Use old milk crates or other square plastic bins and a stray piece of plywood or an old door to create a low table. Layer your makeshift table with white cotton tablecloths. For on the ground seating, use throw pillows, floor cushions or old bed pillows wrapped in a mix of thrifted pillow cases. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a sophisticated picnic look.  

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