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New Year, New Art: Top Tips from Alex Liepman of Drool

Alex Liepman, founder and lead curator of Drool, launched his company featuring paintings, photography, illustration, and graphic design when he couldn’t find exactly what he wanted for his own home. “I created Drool out of frustration when looking for art to buy for my flat,” says Liepman. “As a graphic designer myself, I quickly uncovered both a lack of representation for all the hugely talented, early-career creatives out there. Then when I did some digging, I also found some platforms out there with questionable ethics around the commission artists receive.” 

Drool founder Alex Liepman

Combining his passion for art and his penchant for finding emerging artists, Liepman admits he likes the hunt. “I love the curation part of my job,” says Liepman. “When I’m seeking out new talent and I come across some amazing new works or artists that I’ve never seen before, I get a rush. Then, being able to collaborate with these creators brings me a lot of joy.”

From finding new and compelling artwork to assessing individual style and finding the perfect frame, Liepman offers his advice on selecting art for any space. 

Paper Garden by Stell Paper

Make Sure It Resonates

“Buy what you love. Why get something that you don’t resonate with? If you look at an artwork and you’re not drawn to it or you don’t get an emotion or feeling from it, there’s no point putting it on your wall. A lot of people will choose artwork that complements an interior or matches their decor, and that’s fine. It’s good to involve these factors in your decision-making process, but don’t let this be the main factor. Otherwise, you’ll get sick of it or it may not fit the next decor decisions you make.”

La Plage by Cépé

Contemplate Color

“Color is really important. Stats often say that color is the biggest cause for concern when someone is buying art. I think people are afraid of experimentation or of colors clashing. This is understandable, and if it’s happened to you, my advice would be to use a color wheel. As it’s a great starting point as you can easily find complementary colors that you may have otherwise dismissed.”

Plan Ahead

“You’ll want to measure the artwork you intend to buy. People who don’t measure the art they buy often end up buying an artwork that is too small. Take for example filling the empty wall space above a sofa. As a rule of thumb, the artwork should be around two-thirds the width of the sofa or bigger. The same goes for space above a bed. However, this doesn’t mean you can only buy big artwork. Creating an art wall by either pairing artwork or displaying multiple artworks in a gallery wall can be an awesome alternative. In this case, think of the overall area they’ll occupy and follow the same guidelines.” 

Repeating by Alexander Khabbazi and Nishikigoi by Othman Zougam

Assess Your Style

“If you’re stuck with where to start, we have an Art Finder Quiz that’ll match you with artwork that suits your likes, go check it out.”   

Don’t Overlook The Frame

“When you’re buying good quality prints you must get an equally high-quality frame to protect the artwork. We ensure the frames we sell at Drool meet certain quality standards. Things you want to look out for include the use of FSC-certified wood, 100% acid-free materials, a sealed back and a glaze that utilizes UV-protective properties. This keeps the artwork in mint condition throughout the years and ensures the colors stay true. If you don’t get a frame that meets these standards, the materials can damage the print over time and sunlight could fade the colors.”

A gallery wall with artwork from Drool

Mix and Match

“Variety is what makes a room exciting and art can play a big part in this. So think about displaying artworks from different artists, colors and themes to create a compelling collection. When used together in the same room they can complement each other in fun and unexpected ways. So when buying art, don’t get stuck in a rut, go nuts and mix it up.”

Repeating by Alexander Khabbazi

Liepman’s Favorite 5:

“Being a graphic designer I’m always drawn to great typography and composition. Here’s a section of pieces and creators I’m absolutely loving right now.”

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