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Mountain Chic: 4 Ways to Get the Look

Mountain living has a draw that’s hard to deny, but you don’t have to live in the mountains to create a mountain feeling. Achieving a mountain chic look is all about creating a seamless blend of rustic and contemporary. Here are a few ways to bring it to life.


Create a mountain feeling with art. Think modern photographs of ski scenes, pine and aspen trees or any alpine setting that conjure up that magical aesthetic. Or go the classic and vintage route with paintings of mountain or cabin scenes sourced from thrift stores or flea markets. Reframe them in a modern way for a look that’s individualistic and wild, just like the mountain terrain. 


Bonus points if you have a fireplace in your abode, but even if you don’t, you can create a fireplace-like experience. Faux fireplaces are easy to build on a bare wall, just search faux fireplace online and you’ll see tons of DIYs from simple to complex. Firewood neatly stacked on a wall or in a faux fireplace is art in and of itself. 

Rustic Wall Treatment

Rustic wall accents can really transform a plain space. Engineered wood panels are inexpensive and abundant at big box home improvement retailers. Reclaimed barn wood can serve as shelves or a treatment on a boring wall. 

Mountain Decor 

Create a mountain chic look in one single room with a calming color scheme and mountain-esque decor without a lot of effort. Think chunky textured throws in wool and fur, antlers or cowhides, candles and iron accents. Paint schemes in contrasting bright white and slate gray give off a modern mountain feel, as do colors like army green, spruce and pine. Use the colors you’d see in a classic mountain scene and you can’t go wrong.

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