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Life Hacks for DIY Painting

Everyone knows that paint has the power to transform a space, but not everyone knows how to harness the hacks and simplify the job. Here are some ideas to save your sanity and make your next paint project look pro!

Cardboard FTW

For protecting floors, skip the messy plastic drop cloth and use cardboard instead. Cardboard can line up tight against the wall, is easier to move around and protects the floor best. Save and break down a few large Amazon boxes for your next painting project.

Fabulous Foil

Wrap door knobs in foil instead of using painters’ tape. The foil molds to the doorknob and pulls off easily when done.

Rubber Band Your Can

Use a large wide rubber band and put it on your paint can (think vertically) and this little trick will help wipe excess paint off your brush each time you dip back into the can.

Store Brushes Smartly

Hardware stores carry inexpensive paint brush covers so you can seal up your brush wet and pull it out later without washing. You can do this with a freezer bag from your kitchen as well. Store brushes in the refrigerator in the cover or the bag to pull out whenever you can get back to your project.

Clean Paint Lines

Want a crisp line with two different colors? Paint your first color and let it dry. Lay your painters tape over that color and paint the same color over the bottom section of the paint. You’re essentially painting over the straight line of delineation of color. Let that dry, then start painting your second color over the dried section of the first color. The trick here is sealing and drying the first layer of color so when you pull off the tape, nothing has bled through leaving you with a clean, crisp line.

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