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How to Style Your Bed Like a Pro 

It’s not an overstatement to say that your bed is the focal piece of your bedroom. As the largest (usually, at least) piece of furniture in the room, it’s natural that the eye is drawn to the bed as soon as you walk in. That’s why it’s important to give the styling and aesthetics of your bed some extra thought, rather than just covering it up with some plain sheets, tossing on a lumpy ill-fitting duvet, and calling it a night. Professional interior designers understand how to maximize the styling of bedding to create a luxe, ultra cozy nest that emphasizes lush textures and  creates the most inviting setting. But you don’t have to be a pro to upgrade your bed styling game—instead, just follow some of these simple tricks to create a magazine-worthy bed of your very own. 

Start With Quality Sheets

When it comes to the foundation of a well-styled bed, high-quality materials are an absolute must. To create the ultimate bed, go for the highest quality sheets you can afford. Look for high thread counts and think carefully about the texture that you like best. You might prefer a super-smooth, silky sateen, a soft and breathable linencrisp cotton percale, or even ultra-luxe heathered cashmere. We love brands like Parachute, Brooklinen, and Quince for great quality linens in gorgeous neutrals that match any decor. 

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Lay Patterned Flat Sheets Face Down

One way to take your bed styling up a notch is to learn the tricks for layering sheets like a set stylist. If you’re using a patterned sheet set, place your top sheet pattern-side down, so that the design is facing the bed. It may seem counterintuitive, but this way, when you turn down the sheets, the pattern will face up. 

Layer Textures

Much more important than pattern or color, texture is a crucial component to bed styling, as it helps add depth and dimension to the final look. Play around with mixing and matching different textures, such as smooth cotton sheets, cozy knits, weighted blankets, and maybe even soft faux furs or a luxe alpaca throw. Experiment with contrasting textures to add visual intrigue and tactile appeal to your bed.

Photo courtesy of Parachute

Decide on a Cohesive Color Palette

When layering textured bedding, the ultimate goal is to create a designer-approved, high-style look. To achieve that, start by choosing a cohesive color palette that will help tie the different elements of your bed together and create a harmonious look. The easiest way to do that? Select a mix of neutral tones as a base and add color through accent pillows or throws.

Go for Extra Fluff

When it comes to adding texture to your bed, think BIG. To get the cloudlike look you’ve seen in magazines and other professionally styled spaces, you’ll want to go for maximum loft and fluff. One go-to expert tip: Overstuff your duvet. Some stylists do this by putting two inserts inside one duvet; if you run too hot to tolerate that, you can also get an extra fluffy look by upsizing your insert. So, if you have a queen-size bed, buy a king-size down insert to go inside a queen-size duvet. Trust us: It may sound weird, but it works!

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Place Your Pillows

For the cleanest look, lay your standard pillows with the pillowcase openings facing the center of the bed. Put them upright against your headboard, then top with the pillow arrangement of your choosing. One option: Try an oversized square pillow—known as a Euro pillow—to add height and drama to your bed. Layer in lumbar and accent pillows that match your color palette and deliver those much-needed hits of texture.

Embrace Symmetry

Symmetry is a key principle of interior design, and for good reason: Creating symmetry can give balance to your bedroom. When styling your bed, consider arranging pillows and throws symmetrically for a polished final look. 

End Strong

The right finishing touches can make a big difference between a ho-hum bed and one that looks professionally styled. Depending on the needs of your specific setup, you might want to add a bed skirt to hide under-bed storage, a cozy rug, or a throw at the end of the bed. And don’t neglect the little details—tuck in the edges of the sheets neatly and fluff your pillows to get a polished look.

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