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How to Store Alcohol When You Don’t Have a Bar Cart

Bar carts are the bomb for containing all your spirits and glassware in one central location. But not everyone has one or even has the room for one. Don’t let your bar cart envy get the best of you. Try some of these clever ways to store your favorite bottles and libations.

  1. Tray Chic: Use a rectangular tray to contain a beautiful bottle of spirits and a few cocktail glasses. Repeat this look in other rooms where you want to add interest and dimension to a side table, ottoman or buffet.
  2. Bookcase Beautiful: Designate a shelf or two of a bookcase to be the bar area. Use trays or baskets to add texture and for additional ways to store different bar items.
  3. Vertical Space: Turn an empty wall into a home for your bar essentials. Just a few sturdy shelves can do the trick. Designate glassware on one shelf, spirits on another and fill in the spaces with cocktail recipe books, bowls of lemons and limes and other design objects.
  4. Living Room Cabinet: Make room on shelves inside of a cabinet you already have in the living or dining room for your bar. Open when guests come over and close when you’re ready for lights out. 

Storage Cube Cubby: Style each rectangular cube with necessities—one for glassware and others for liquor accessories. Add baskets that fit the shape of the cube and fill those with all your overflow wine. 

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