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How to Incorporate Pop Art Into Your Decor

Pop art emerged in the 1950’s but rose to popularity in the ’60s and beyond with iconic influencers like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert  Rauschenberg, and Jasper Johns. Bold, bright colors and elements of graphic design are hallmarks of this style of art. Incorporating pop art into your look requires a bit of risk but artistic and modern levity are guaranteed. Here are some tips to work it in.

1. Start with Color

Picking one or two bold vibrant colors that flow throughout the home is a great start to work your way into a pop art look. Choose a bright throw with irreverent words on it, or a geometric rug.  

2. Make it Modern

There are so many new emerging contemporary pop artists like Ashley Longshore, or Gray Malin. But if you can’t afford their pieces, you can add in an affordable print by Warhol, or commission an artist to do a “Warhol-esque” piece of your family members or pets. 

3. Go Graphic

Pop art graphically depicts current affairs. It’s a fun way to play up what is happening and trending in the world. Try adding a big bold and colorful wallpaper to a powder room just for fun. Or put your DIY graphic design skills to use to create your take on what’s interesting in the world and upload it to make your own wallpaper sites. DIY your way to a unique pop art creation by combining your own photographs or hand illustrations in repeating patterns and creative color combinations.

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