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How to Create the Perfect Pergola

The power of pergolas. They create a defined outdoor space, help manipulate light and shade, can increase the value of your property and well, they are downright beautiful! So you want one but don’t know where to begin? How do you choose the right style for your space? The options are limitless, from walkways and patios to gazebo style in the middle of your landscape, the perfect pergola really does exist. 

Like any home improvement project, there’s a spectrum of difficulty. You can purchase a kit or an off-the-shelf unit with assembly required, or you can build your own or hire a professional. 

Pergolas for Walkways 

If you like leading lines and have a special walkway you want to highlight on your property, a walkway style pergola can create a big impact. Think about adding a walkway pergola leading to another structure or door. Include in your design plants or flowers that highlight its lines, like climbing flowering vines. 

Pergolas on Patio and Porches

Uncovered outdoor deck or porch areas are the perfect spot for a pergola. You can design yours so it’s attached to the house structure itself or build one that is footed entirely unattached from the space. Pergola concepts can be basic overhead structures generally consisting of posts, cross beams and rafters or oriented vertically as just one wall of supports with an overhang that doesn’t connect to another wall of beams. Just search for images of pergolas online and you’ll be blown away by all the ways they can be designed. 

Pergolas that Delineate an Area

If you have a special place in your landscape that you want to frame or designate, a pergola can do the trick. Don’t limit yourself to areas right off the structure of your house, consider a pergola independent from your home. It could be an area in the backyard with a hot tub or lounge furniture. Or a designated area to meditate or do yoga. 

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