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9 Glamping Essentials to Elevate Your Outdoor Adventure

If your outdoor style looks more like glamping, then you know that creature comforts are an important part of the adventure. There are certain items that will make the experience feel more like home. Always check the amenities associated with your glamping accommodations, as essentials provided can vary widely. You’ll want to make sure you have the basics like water bottles, cooking supplies, garbage bags, a cooler, food, bug repellant—but there’s so much more you can bring to up the ante. Here’s a list of items to make your next trip feel a little extra. 

Portable Speaker

portable speaker helps you create those glamping vibes with the perfect playlist.


Bring cards or board games from home for something to do besides scroll on your phone. 

French Press

Great coffee brewed in a chic French press will start your morning out right. This small ceramic travel press will make coffee or tea.

Fire Starter

Light a campfire with ease for ambience and warmth—and, of course, s’mores. These handy fire starters are made from natural wood and beeswax. Or make your own at home ahead of time. Just clean out the link in your dryer vent and stuff it into the cardboard center of a used paper towel or toilet paper roll. 

Cozy Blankets 

You probably have a favorite blanket hanging around that’s just waiting to go on a glamping adventure. If not, snag this gorgeous wool blanket.

Comfy Portable Chairs 

Lightweight portable chairs are a must around a fire pit or on a deck.

Solar Lantern

Light up your glamping tent or your outdoor seating area with this portable lantern.


A pair of camping slippers will keep your feet cozy and warm after hiking. 


A picnic table at a glamping site needs a proper cover for a nice meal. This classic checkered tablecloth will get plenty of use.

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