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Front Porch Perfection

If you’ve bought and sold a home, you know that the front porch is where first impressions are made. It’s also where memories with family and friends are created. Warmer weather is calling us all outside and this short list of tips will help you perfect your porch in no time. 


Every front porch should have a comfy seat or seats. From a pair of classic adirondacks to a vintage metal glider, the options are endless. The key to styling your seating situation is to complement your home’s exterior color scheme and adding the extras like throw and a side table. 


One single large potted plant at the doorstep says “welcome to our home, we are nice humans.” A plant or grouping of plants is such an easy addition that feels warm and inviting. Fern plants are great on a covered front porch. But so are a grouping of annual flowers. Examine the light on your front porch and choose plants that will thrive in full, low or no sun. Don’t dismiss the idea of an artificial plant. Big box retailers are stocking artificial plants left and right that are inexpensive and suspiciously look like the real deal!

Patio Lights

Lighting on the patio creates a big impact. And there are so many ways to achieve it. Whether you’re adding or replacing hardwired exterior lights or you’re adding temporary decorative lights. Globe string lights are still the rage and a single string hung on the ceiling is easy to install and looks inviting. Solar pendant lights are also gaining popularity and are the ultimate in convenience. 

Layered Doormats

Doormats are functional pieces that keep dirt from entering the space, but they hold decorative power as well. Start with a skid resistant decorative 4×6 outdoor rug in a fun color or pattern and layer a jute or natural fiber smaller rug on top of it. This adds dimension, texture and color to the entryway and invites your guests to slip off their shoes before they enter. 

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