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Eclectic Academia: 5 Unique Etsy Stores to Bring This Look to Life

Calling all the scholars and scientists. The eclectic academia trend is all about blending found objects, taxidermy, entomology, botanical drawings, geological maps and dusty books into your home in a smart and cool way. Here are 5 unique Etsy finds to bring this look to life.

Botanical Beauty

Botanical prints like this dandelion poster or set of wildflower prints will show your discerning and interesting design taste. 

Dandelion Poster from Michigan Studio from $15.00

Wildflower prints from Ink Inc Artprints from $19.99

Unique Maps

This detailed geological map will take you right back to your middle school science classroom days, but with a unique design flair.

Geological Map from Stress Road Tracks from $37.29


These beautiful honey bees are enclosed in mini glass domes, perfect on a curio or bookshelf.

Honey Bee Taxidermy from Pink Rustic Farms from $22.50

Found Objects

Old books and interesting curiosities amp up the academic feeling on any shelf.

5 Item Curiosities Mystery Box from of Moth and Moon from $15.00

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