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6 Art Prints to Bring Fall Feels Into Your Space

There’s still technically two months of fall left, but if you’re feeling like you’ve missed the window to book an autumn escape, don’t worry—these stunning art prints from Driftward will bring all the fall feelings into your space. All you have to do is pick your fave, choose the right size for your space, and add to cart.

Nickson captured this image on his first trip to Yosemite, one of the most-visited National Parks in the United States. “A photographer’s dream—Yosemite was everything it was made out to be,” he notes. If a trip to the park isn’t on your list this year, you can still enjoy it in all its peak-fall glory with this atmospheric print.

“Discovering Yosemite” by Roberto Nickson 

If you’re not longingly looking at treehouse getaways in the mountains, are you really in fall mode? This shot, captured by photog Justin Kauffman, depicts one of the unique accommodations that comprise TreeHouse Point, a secluded treehouse bed-and-breakfast in Fall City, a suburb of the Seattle metropolitan area.

“Temple Of The Blue Moon” by Justin Kauffman

A departure from leaves and mountain views but nonetheless full of change-of-season energy, this print documents a subspecies of elk found only in California, the home state of photographer Skyler Greene. Greene was struck by the dreamy, ethereal feeling created by the young buck standing alone under the waxing moon, and this framed print brings that same calm spirit into your space.

Young Tule Elk under the Moon by Skyler Greene

Prefer a chilly edge to your fall vibes? This shot by Terry McLaughlin captures Yosemite National Park on the cusp of transitioning from the last of fall colors to the first snow of the winter season. “This is one of those classic photo locations, on the Sentinel Bridge over the Merced River,” he explains. “I just love being out there in nature. It’s so peaceful.”

“Yosemite First Snow” by Terry McLaughlin

Golden sun, forest, clear lakes, blue sky, a sweeping mountain vista … this shot has all the elements of a perfect fall day. Snapped in Canada’s Yoho National Park by photographer Elliott Chau after a four-hour hike, the image is a pleasant reminder of a trip with an unexpected twist — Chau ended up twisting his ankle on the descent, which made for a grueling six-hour return trip.

“Unexpected O’Hara” by Elliott Chau

A palette of fall hues—golden yellow, burnt sienna, coppery brown, and piercing sky blue—distinguish this snap of Alabama Hills, nestled in Eastern California near the Sierra Nevada, Mount Whitney, and Lone Pine. The area is mostly home to scrub bushes and low-lying plants, but this golden aspen tree with changing leaves stopped photographer Pierson X in his tracks. It’ll have the same effect on your guests when it’s on display in your living room.

“Alabama Hills Aspen” by Pierson X

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