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Designing a Workout Station for Small Spaces

The WFH lifestyle has prompted us to improve so many areas within our homes. Working out at home is not only convenient but affordable too. Not to mention you’ll feel better between work video calls. Here are some ideas to get started!

Get Organized

“Everything in its place” is a motto for all good home organization, but especially for small spaces. If you can’t carve out an entire room in your home and need to use a living space or common area to do your workout, you need to be able to stash your gear out of sight. Bins, cubby shelves, or modular track shelving can help you store resistance bands, kettlebells and yoga mats out of the way and easy to reach. 

Use Space Saving Gear

These days there are so many fitness products that can really work in a space constrained home. From fold up treadmills, to under the desk foot pedalers, there are lots of heart pumping solutions. Over-the-door pull-up bars can be pulled out of a closet and affixed for quick access.

Think Outside the Box

If you’re using existing space, think of alternative ways to make it more conducive to daily usage. You could use a decorative folding screen to block off space in an open room. Or hang curtains in a corner of a space and open and close them as needed. Hang a large mirror and install a small bar below it for barre style workouts that help you keep an eye on your form. Mirrors also help smaller spaces feel larger. Apartment dwellers may only be able to spare a hallway or a space by the bed where a yoga mat could be rolled out for strength building or stretching sessions. Reimagine the possibilities with these ideas and remember how good it feels to move your body. 

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