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7 Great Games and Activities for Your Next Cabin Stay

A cabin stay with limited technology might make you feel a little stir crazy, but there are plenty of ways to make the most of an offline weekend. Exploring nature is usually the best way to pass the time, but sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate, or you might need plans for the evening hours. Here are seven delightful games and activities that will keep you content—no screens necessary.

Monopoly | From Amazon | $33

Remember fighting over the shoe, the iron, and the thimble? This timeless game is family friendly, fun, and provides hours of entertainment. 

Wooden Puzzle Brain Teaser | From Amazon | $31.99

This box of nine wood brain teasers will provide plenty of head scratching entertainment. Bonus: Each wood piece is pretty piece of art on its own. 

National Parks Puzzle | From Amazon | $19.99 

Visit 25 beautiful national parks while putting together this scenic nature 1,000-piece puzzle. This puzzle comes in a compact box for easy transport. 

Wavelength | From Amazon | $31.49

Wavelength is a social game where you compete to read other’s minds. Teams take turns rotating a dial where the team’s “psychic” gives a clue about a target on a spectrum of two opposing concepts. Teams discuss out loud where to place the dial.  

Minimalist Modern Art Coloring Book | From Amazon | $6.99

Coloring is a great way to tap into your inner artist, plus it’s relaxing. This minimalist modern book is great for all ages. Just don’t forget to pack some colored pencils.

Bananagrams | From Amazon | $14.99

Bananagrams is a word game that includes lettered tiles where each player races to create word grids in an interlocking pattern. All 144 lettered tiles come in a fabric banana shaped bag. A fun game for word lovers. 

Azul | From Amazon | $31.99

Art lovers will love playing the board game Azul that captures the aesthetics of Moorish art. Placing colorful tiles and creating patterns is the name of the game in Azul. Players are challenged to embellish the walls of the royal Palace of Dvora. They must maximize supplies and create clever beautiful patterns to win this game.

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