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The Best Ruggable Rugs for Every Room in Your House

Buying a rug always feels like a big deal, no matter how seasoned of a home shopper you are. Rugs are a commitment in almost every sense of the word: they’re expensive, oftentimes large, and, depending on your choice, can tie you to a specific design style or aesthetic for the foreseeable future. Even if you know how to buy a rug (and even where to buy a rug), the sheer number of options can be daunting. Luckily, Ruggable exists—and has made the rug-buying game so much easier.

With durable, water- and stain-resistant materials and a well-curated collection of trending designs, Ruggable’s area rugs, round rugs, and runners are our go-tos when we need to freshen up our spaces and want to make a smart investment at the same time. Oh, and did we mention that these rugs are all washable? Yep, that’s right—you can worry less about spills and stains since you can bundle up your new rug and throw it right in the washing machine. That’s a big deal, indeed. Keep reading to discover our top picks for the best area rugs, runners, and round rugs from Ruggable.

Best Area Rugs from Ruggable

Morris & Co. Pure Willow Boughs Green Rug, $289 for 5’x7′

Based on an iconic design by the legendary William Morris, this washable rug strikes a balance with intricate intertwining leaves and vines and a natural, organic color palette. It’s the perfect option to bring simple sophistication to any space.

Damali Black & White Rug, $219 for 5’x7′

This minimalist yet bold area rug features a trio of diamonds against a striated background, which gives it the illusion of texture while maintaining a low profile and easy-to-clean finish. Versatile and modern, it can work in every room in the house.

Verena Soft Blue Rug, $219 for 5’x7′

Want a Persian-style rug without worrying about care and cleaning? This sky blue option with its design that resembles embellished jewels is just the ticket. It’s a lovely option for a nursery or guest room, or anywhere you want a touch of vintage-y luxury.

Laine Ivory & Natural Rug, $219 for 5’x7′

Equal parts refined and relaxed, this chic Ruggable rug takes its inspiration from hand-laid bricks in the countryside. The simple geometric pattern gives it extra staying power, while the gentle shift of colors evokes the feeling of sunlight moving across the floor. 

Best Round Rugs from Ruggable

Limited Edition Pantone Peach Fuzz Flux Ombre Rug, $289 for 6′ Round

What better way to inject the Pantone Color of the Year 2024 into your space? This washable round rug from Ruggable combines two Pantone hues—Peach Fuzz and Peach Purée—into a softened horizontal gradient that gets an extra textural effect from subtle brushstrokes. It’s like a dose of sunshine under your feet.

Celestine Coral Rug, $249 for 6′ Round

Let’s face it: Buying a rug is an investment, so we don’t blame you for wanting to keep it classic. In this case, a traditional floral theme is lightened up with playful coral and blue hues. The vintage-inspired design blends an intricate floral vine lattice panel with a grid-like border and a gently distressed texture.

Vintage Daisy Bordered Fuchsia Rug, $249 for 6′ Round

If you’re leaning into the coquette trend at home, this romantic, charming rug is a must-see. The sweet daisy pattern and feminine palette of fuchsia, pearl, rose gold, and slate pink will put the finishing touch on a cottagecore or shabby-chic styled home. 

Herdanza Delft Blue Rug, $249 for 6′ Round

For a handwoven look in a classic color combination, the Herdanza rug from Ruggable is a solid choice. With an intricate geometric pattern and a textured appearance, it’s perfect for adding visual interest to your space without wandering into maximalist territory.

Best Runner Rugs from Ruggable

Jaque Checkered Stone Rug, $169 for 2.5’x7′

The checkerboard moment of 2023 isn’t ending anytime soon—especially when it looks *this* good. The creamy cappuccino squares and soft pearl background are totally of-the-moment but also completely timeless. Bonus points for this Ruggable runner being water-resistant, stain-resistant, and machine-washable.

Cambria Abalone Rug, $169 for 2.5’x7′

Get that coveted globetrotter vibe without having to schlep home a rug on your next international trip. The intricate pattern of this Persian-style runner features hues of greige, sage green, teal, and cream, and it’s versatile enough to work in the kitchen, entryway, bathroom, or bedroom.

Jonathan Adler Inkdrop Camel & Ivory Rug, $209 for 2.5’x7′

Craving a midcentury vibe, despite living in a new build? This popular runner rug from the star designer’s collab with Ruggable is the perfect solution. Versatile and chic, it can dress up any space with its simple geometric pattern of ink-inspired lines.

Sloane Grey Rug, $169 for 2.5’x7′

Coastal cowgirl meets California boho meets earthy rustic—this runner does it all and makes it look easy. The creative geometric pattern and wide, ivory chevron borders were inspired by a rustic handloom, but it’s much easier to maintain than its vintage counterparts due to its water- and stain-resistant qualities and washable design.

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