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Banish Your Boring Bathroom: Stylized Apartment Bathroom Ideas

Apartment bathrooms are often either new and minimal or old and outdated. Either way, they beg for attention from their dwellers and small spaces can be transformed in a weekend with these simple stylized tips.

Throw on the Color

Adding color sounds basic, but it can be brilliant in the bath. The kind of color we’re talking about doesn’t come in a paint can, rather color by way of accessories and decor. Choose a colorful shower curtain, a patterned rug, bath towels and vibrant artwork on the walls. Pick a scheme that feels happy and energizing or calming and soothing and pull your space together without a lot of heavy lifting.

Wallpaper or Paint

Check your rental agreement to see if adding paint on walls or cabinets is allowed before you break out the brushes. Some apartment owners are happy to let you paint, especially if the property is in need of updating. If painting is a no go or you just aren’t up for the challenge, give the peel and stick wallpaper trend a try. There are loads of wallpaper options and even a single papered wall in a bath can make a huge impact. Think bold floral patterns, geometrics, artsy abstracts and green leafy palm patterns.

Plants, Baskets, Benches & More

Plants in the bathroom just feel life giving and baskets are your best friends. Don’t dismiss small additions like these that can add texture, color and order too. A small wooden bench or stool in the bathroom is handy and adds texture and warmth to sometimes sterile feeling spaces. Freestanding storage units that sit over the toilet will hold sisal baskets filled with bath products, toilet paper and hair grooming tools.

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