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20 Aesthetic Pet Supplies for Your Furry Friend

Shopping for your fur babies hasn’t always been about expressing your personal style—until now. With Millennials and Gen X making up 58 percent of pet owners (and possessing enormous buying power), brands are taking notice and developing pet products that look as cute as the four-legged friends they serve. Keep reading for eight of our favorite options, and head to the SHLTR Amazon storefront for the full list.

Ceramic Pet Bowl Set, $27.99

Fans of mid-century design will love these subtly stylish pet bowls, which take inspiration from the modern plant pots that characterized the era.

The Slowdown Bowl, $24.99

If your pup tends to gobble their food, you’ll want to invest in a food dish designed to slow them down and support healthy digestion. This silicone option is both pretty and practical.

Ceramic Raised Cat Bowl, $18.99

A must-have setup for a pet owner who loves mid-century style, these footed dishes are an easy upgrade for your everyday feeding routine.

MacKenzie-Childs Enamel Pet Dish, $79

This sophisticated bowl can be used for pet food or water, and exudes English country cottage vibes.

FABLE Interlocking Puzzle Toy, $24

An occupied dog is a happy dog, and there are few better combos to keep your pup busy than a challenging toy filled with hidden snacks.

Modern Cat Tree, $97.99

Cats—especially kittens—need a place to play, but who says it has to be one of those signature ’80s carpet-covered cat trees? This stylish woven option is understated and simple, but will still keep Kitty occupied.

Barkbox Orthopedic Dog Bed, $33.99

Crisp and classic, this low-profile dog bed goes with practically every decor style.

Hidden Cat Litter Box Cabinet, $105.99

This clever cabinet is the perfect option to conceal your cat’s litter box setup and add extra surface area to your space at the same time.

Shop our full array of picks—from dog beds to cat trees to stylish feeding dishes and more—in the SHLTR Amazon storefront.

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