9 Things You Need for an AllModern Makeover

Spice up your outdoor living space to enjoy every minute of summer.

Everyone knows the best summer memories consist of days by the pool, the smell of a charcoal grill cooking up some burgers or hotdogs, and of course days spent on a patio with an ice cold beverage. We love our view from our patio but the one thing missing was comfortable chic furniture and greenery. AllModern came to our rescue and provided the perfect pieces to make our small patio space a magical garden oasis. Below we give you all the essentials needed to make your patio a relaxing getaway.

Comfortable Seating

This one sounds like a no brainer but finding seating that is comfortable and chic can be difficult. AllModern makes it easy because they offer hundreds of options to choose from like sectional sets to an adorable love set with complimentary chairs. For our patio we decided to get The Jordin black sectional set with grey fabric. The Jordin 4 Piece Sofa Set Group With Cushions is incredible because it has a modular nature of design that allows you to arrange the furniture in whatever way you want. My favorite is the multifunctional coffee table because you can turn it into another seat, keep it as a coffee table with removable glass on top, and use the hidden compartments for storage.

Pretty Up With Pillows

Pillows can transform a couch yet alone a whole space. I tend to draw more towards neutral colors like blacks, whites, and grays so I picked out white and black Throw Pillows and a couple of complimentary funky pillows like the Corbin Throw Pillow and the East Urban Home Throw Pillow. With the mix of these pillows I was able to give my sectional a little more personality while also remaining tasteful.

Water Works

Nothing sounds more relaxing than a water fountain! If you live in a busy city and want to distract yourself from your outdoor neighbors, a water fountain can be the perfect peacemaker. Water fountains come in all shapes and sizes and to fit our small space we chose the Tiered Fountain With Lights. The weatherproof, eco-friendly, sandstone fountain lights up our outdoor space at night with its calming drizzling noises and soft LED lights.

Hanging Hammocks

No one is too old for swings. Hammocks not only add comfort but are the perfect decorative pieces. We absolutely LOVE our Encase Swing Chair With Stand and could nap in it all day. This chair took out patio to a whole new level of comfort and chic.

Light It Up

Illuminate your patio with dreamy lights from lanterns to dainty string lights. We chose the Jaime Globe String Lightsto drape across our patio and Hillis Curtain Fairy String Lights to hang on one of our walls. This lighting adds a special flair and can make your summer nights dreamier than ever before. You can get creative with string lights by stringing them on plants, piling them in a lantern or fire pit, or simply draping across your space.

Heat Up Your Space

Fire knows how to set a mood. From a cozy mood that consists of sitting around a bonfire making s’mores or enjoying a glass of wine next to pretty fire classy mood. We decided on the  Fiamme Freestanding Bio-Ethanol Fireplace because of its size and glass panels. This fireplace fits perfectly on our coffee table and can be easily turned on and off with the stainless steel burner. Small space? No worries, fireplaces come in all shapes and sizes. For example, the South Hampton Wood Gel Fire Column is fun size but the teak wood and stainless steel makes it enough for a dramatic statement. For larger patios with more room, propane fire pit tables are a necessity.

Go Green

Plants are crucial to fulfilling that oasis dream. We loved the idea of having plants surrounding our patio to make our loft patio feel like a mini jungle. To achieve this we chose a range of greenery from different sized pots to hanging planters. Our first choice was the Mallard Rectangle Vertical Garden and filled it with an assortment of succulents. Not only is it adorable filled with our favorite cacti but low maintenance. Our second choice was the 3 Piece Aluminum Pot Planter Set. It has a boho modern chicness and they are filled with some of my favorite plants that thrive in the Los Angeles sun like a Rosemary plant, Orange Blossom Tree, and a Serena Angelonia. Our next choice was a Wood Wall Planter to change our boring white wall into a green serenity. Like the vertical garden, we filled this up with succulents because of their low maintenance dry nature. Lastly, we chose the Mayville Round Rope Hanger 4 Piece Cement Pot Planter Set to hang a couple more cacti and really give ourselves the full green glam from head to toe. If you pick the right plants, you can add a lot of color, texture, and height to your patio that will surely give your space the ultimate earthy atmosphere while even possibly boosting your privacy.

Rugs & Artificial Grass

Whether you live in an apartment with concrete slab as your patio flooring or live in suburban home with a wooden deck; plain flooring can really dull your outdoor space. Spruce it up with a fun rug or even artificial grass. We got our artificial grass from Amazon and have loved the feel of the “wilderness” between our toes. A jute rug like here on AllModern adds the perfect flare.

Stay Trendy

One of my favorite chairs to lounge on in our patio besides our swing chair is the Degroot Stacking Patio Dining Chair. This chair offers a modern stylish look. Dress it up with a pillow or have several for a dining room set.

AllModern is the prime spot for everything chic, affordable, and quick. We absolutely love our new AllModern patio makeover and cannot wait to spend all of our summer nights sitting by our fire pit and swaying in our swing chair.


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