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4 Ways to Bring DIY Block Print Art to Life

Some of the world’s most beautiful block art hails from Japan and India, where the tradition has been celebrated for generations. The technique entails stamping carvings from materials like wood, rubber and linoleum and imprinting them on materials like fabric and paper. Professional block print artists spend endless hours carving intricate stamps to create one-of-a-kind pieces. But you don’t have to be an expert to embrace this beautiful technique. Here are 4 ways you can bring block art to life in your home.

Supplies Needed

First, gather your supplies. The basics include acrylic or fabric paint, art paper, canvas, plain fabric and your stamps or blocks. You can use pre-made rubber stamps from the hobby store, potatoes, apples and oranges, craft foam cut into shapes, wooden children’s blocks or almost anything that will imprint on your surface.   

Wall Art

The sky’s the limit with wall art. You can create beautiful geometric or floral designs on large canvas or paper framed and matted in the living room. Or create a themed series of small prints that you hang in an entryway or hallway using carved stamps that speak to your interests or hobbies. Try stamps that imprint shapes of bicycles, cameras or gardening.

Cloth Napkins and Tablecloths

Pick up a pack of inexpensive plain white cotton napkins and adorn them with your very own unique design. Make culinary style designs using apples and oranges or a stamp engraved with  forks and knives.

Shower Curtains and Window Panels

Plain shower curtains and window panels can be dressed up with Fleur de lis, paisley and other decorative leaf patterns. Repeating patterns made from simple shapes like rectangles, lines, circles and squares are so “now” and fresh.

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